Homelessness Viewed Through Art

As someone who has lived in NYC and currently living in the suburbs, it’s easy to forget about issues that affect so many people living in this day and age. One of those issues that has always struck me is homelessness. I didn’t know what homelessness meant when I was growing up. We lived in an apartment complex in Manila, but right next door separated by a gate, was a lot where families... read more

When Bullying Becomes Deadly

Bullies have been around for a very long time. My experience with a bully was when I was 10 years old on my way to the market. An older boy decided that it would be fun to chase me with his bicycle all the way to the market. I didn’t know him, but I knew he lived in my neighborhood. I made it to the market and quickly got what I needed, hoping that he wouldn’t be waiting for me outside,... read more

Nurturing Myself Before Nurturing Others

Once a week, I leave all my cares behind and take a drive to the beach to reconnect with myself. When I started this excursion, it felt strange because I hadn’t done this at all. I have gone out to dinner, seen movies, but never just sat to listen to myself. When I was single, I loved going to museums, cafes and bookstores. I felt that I was comfortable doing things on my own. I even traveled... read more

Entrepreneurs Out Of Necessity

Living in a country where entrepreneurs start their businesses out of passion, it is easy to forget that entrepreneurship is sometimes created out of necessity. On the other side of the world, in the city of San Pablo, Philippines, a group of sixteen women have an unsusual tourism business. These women are called “oarswomen” because they paddle bamboo rafts with mounted cottages on top... read more

Giving Back Through Dance

As I was trying to think of what I should write about, I was inspired by a previously taped show that I just watched with Shaina. One of the shows Shaina and I love to watch is “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. I cry every time the family sees the house for the first time after it’s been renovated. Their stories are always gut-wrenching and by the time their story is told, all I want... read more

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