Fil-Am Journalists Remembered One Year After Massacre

It has been a year since that fateful day of November 23rd when 57 civilians, 32 of whom were journalists, were kidnapped and brutally murdered in the town of Ampatuan, in the Maguidanao province. In a mass at St. Patrick’s Church in San Francisco yesterday, the President of the Philippine American Press Club (PAPC), Esther Chavez, expressed her discontent for the absence of justice from this crime a... read more

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Can Prolong Filipino Lives

A recent study showed that one out of four Filipinos suffer from hypertension. This was a result of a study done by the National Nutrition and Health Survey which showed that Filipinos had a higher level of fasting blood sugar (FSB), high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The survey also added that 1 in every 10 Filipino adults have high total cholesterol level while 21 in every 100 are borderline... read more

Sundays Are Meant For Recharging

Sundays for some people mean brunches, seeing friends or family and just catching up. For me, it means recharging for what the week has in store for me. I am all for meeting friends for Sunday brunch as well as having a lazy day at home. There have been many Sundays where I have driven from place to place to transport myself or my family for a gathering or playdate. I do enjoy having an active social... read more

Thanksgiving Weekend Without Distractions

Thanksgiving weekend has been a favorite of mine for a long time. After the craziness of preparing, cooking and hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner, the weekend is my time to just relax. Sleeping in is mandatory and not going holiday shopping is deliberate. Not that I don’t love shopping, but I think that I prefer to spend time with my family. What I typically do is drive to Queens at... read more

Black Friday Shopping Is Not For Everyone

The day after Thanksgiving has been a huge Black Friday shopping day for quite some time, the one day where people set up tents the night of Thanksgiving in front of Best Buy or Walmart to get the best buys in electronics, toys and TV’s. I have never stood on line at midnight or 4am to be a part of this experience but I have done my share of shopping during Black Friday. Black Friday has been a huge... read more

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