New Year’s Eve Away From Home

New Year’s Eve traditions differ for every family.  A few years ago, Micah and I started a tradition of taking Shaina to the city during the day by train, having lunch and seeing a matinee show on New Year’s Eve. After seeing the show, we would leave the city before the madness of people lining up for Times Square got more chaotic. Since then, we have been spending New Year’s Eve in... read more

The Mountain Thief: Hope Is Just The Beginning

Once in while, a film may speak to you before you even see it.  In the case of the film, The Mountain Thief, that is how I feel. I read about The Mountain Thief and after seeing the trailer, I knew that I had to write about this film. The Mountain Thief by Gerry Balasta is the story of a community who reside in the town of Promised Land and Urban, Payatas, the largest dumpsite in the Philippines. The... read more

Talking To Children About Teen Drinking

An interesting article about how friends can influence a teen’s drinking made me wonder at what age parents should talk to their children about teen drinking. In the article, a study done by researchers from Brigham Young University indicated that “teenagers who grow up with parents who are either too strict or too indulgent tend to binge drink more than their peers “.  Upon reading... read more

Blizzard Slowed Some Things Down

The day after Christmas has always been a huge day for shopping and returns except yesterday and today. A blizzard set upon New York and it slowed down some activity. Although retail stores and foods stores were open, it was not as busy for them as it would have been had the storm missed us. Don’t get me wrong, malls were still busy with activity and grocery stores were filled with people who decided... read more

Breakfast On Christmas Day

Christmas Day is an extension of Christmas Eve for my family. Before my Dad decided that he was retiring from being the cook in our family, he would wake up at 6am on Christmas Day and prepare breakfast for all of us. We all looked forward to eggs, longganisa (sweet pork sausages) and rice for breakfast. With spouses and children, we have a head count of 16 people, so it’s understandable that my Dad... read more

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