Tunisian Women Hold Their Own In A Revolution

With the recent riots in Egypt, no one can ignore the impact of Tunisian women regarding their own revolution. In an article I read, Tunisian women have had more rights than any woman from the rest of the Arab world. They have played a major role in overthrowing a dictatorship through vigilant protesting. Women in Tunisia are unique in ways that we, as Westerners, would take for granted. They are free to... read more

The Link Between Abortion And Mental Health

A debate over whether abortion endangers a woman’s mental health has been put to rest. According to a new study written in The New England Journal of Medicine, there exists no link between them. According to Robert Blum, an expert on reproductive health from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “there is no evidence that abortion predisposes a woman to psychiatric and mental... read more

Woman Clips Coupons To Help Others

Coupons are a great way to save money when you’re watching what you spend. A woman who collects coupons have taken this method to a different level, by helping others. Grace Vissara-Fassler, a Filipina-Canadian, has been collecting coupons and buying basic things to donate to those less fortunate. She collects coupons via the internet, mail and the local paper and buys in bulk not for her own family,... read more

Online Breast-Milk Donors

A new study shows that women who can’t pump their own breast-milk have found a new source to find it, online donors. One of the women in this article, Lindsey Ward, had problems providing breast milk for her second child, so she decided to look for outside sources. Through Facebook, she found a discussion group called Eats On Feets, which helps women find donors for milk-sharing. Started in July 2010... read more

Blueberries In Packaged Foods Get Scrutinized

Blueberries are great fruits to eat by themselves or added to cereals. They’re even great when added as flavoring to juices or water. Recently, however, blueberries or lack of it, has been under scrutiny by natural foods advocates. According to the article that I read, some companies have been labeling their foods with blueberries in them, but in truth, are only filled with “bits” and... read more

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