What Happens To Children In Wartime

In the current political climate in Egypt, what seems to have been neglected are the ones who cannot speak for themselves, the children. Since the uprising in Egypt, thousands have been injured and the children have been the most affected from the riots and violence. So many of them became unwilling pawns in what initially began as peaceful demonstrations and has since escalated to numerous casualties.... read more

Keeping The Mother Language Alive

It’s not that easy to keep up with foreign languages, let alone your mother language. But when a day is specifically dubbed as International Mother Language Day, I had to ask myself which is my Mother Language? In Bangladesh, this holiday began as a way to exert Bangladeshis’ (formerly East Pakistan) right to choose what language to speak, as opposed to being told what they should speak. It was... read more

Is Sidewalk Rage Similar To Road Rage?

As people try to battle one another for the best sales today, as part of President’s weekend, I thought of writing about a term that I recently saw in an article, sidewalk rage. In an article I read, sidewalk rage applies to those who have no patience when surrounded by people who are slow walkers. As a matter of fact, a scientist has devised a 15-question Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale... read more

The Power Of Bacon

As a food blogger, I’ve eaten all kinds of foods, some good, some not so appetizing. I will usually try most things, but the one thing that always remind me of home is bacon. A study has been done to find out the lure of bacon for vegetarians. According to the study, it’s not so much the flavor or bacon but the odor that entices even the staunchiest vegetarian to taste it. According Johan... read more

A Ukelele Bridges Two Cultures

Music has always been a great way to connect with people, but what happens when an uncommon instrument becomes an instrument for learning? Ellen Blanchard, a Junior from Kenyon College, Ohio, spent a semester in India as part of an internship program. Little did she know that bringing her ukelele to India would spur a bond through music. With the help of an organization called Room To Read, Ellen’s... read more

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