A Matadora Secures Her Place In The Bullfighting World

Bullfighting has never piqued my interest until I came upon the story of Lupita Lopez, a female bullfighter. Lopez is only one of four female bullfighters, but she is getting quite the attention in the bullfighting world. She is quite unique in that she knew that bullfighting was her calling by the time she was 11. Surrounded by men in the fields and exposed to bullfighting because of where she lived, it... read more

Schoolyard Games Are Not Obsolete

Schoolyard games have recently become popular again according to a study from England. It has been observed that even with all the computer games and electronics that are available to children, the attraction of playing games in schoolyards still run strong. Children still love playing tag, skipping and singing songs with their friends on the playground. Even with the abundance of electronic games that... read more

Women And Eating Fish

Fish Oil has been touted as providing great benefits with regards to women’s health. In a study done by William Christen, lead author of this study and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, women who ate fish at least once a week were less likely to have degenerative eye problems. According to Christen, “The women who ate more tuna and dark-meat fish, like salmon and sardines, had 38... read more

Disasters Outweigh Any Wars

In the days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has destroyed parts of Japan, it occurred to me how this natural disaster has shifted our focus from political strife to humanitarian issues. Videos of the tsunami plowing through cars, roads and buildings as if they were made from cardboard, people being tossed around like rag dolls and lives lost were just some of the images shown on the air... read more

Catching Eating Disorders Early

Eating disorders have increased at an alarming rate over the last few years for children and teens. A recent government study shows that half a million teens ranging from ages 13-18 have suffered from eating disorders and have not taken measures to get help. Of the more than 10,000 teens studied, 3% were likely to have some form of eating disorder.What is even more disturbing is the fact that these teens... read more

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