Shortage of Girls Blamed On Selective Abortions

Tradition plays a huge role in the Indian culture, but one of their customs is being banned with regard to girls. A study shows that girls are being outnumbered by boys as a result of selective abortions. With the help of ultrasound, parents are able to find out the gender of their child, but as a result of this, women have been choosing to terminate their pregnancy once they learn that their baby is a... read more

First Filipina Pilot Commands The Sky

As today’s post is #100, I thought it would be fitting to write about how far women keep pushing the gender barrier in our favor. I’ve always tried to write about women who make choices in life that provide for their community or are role models for young people. The fact that I keep finding amazing women is no surprise, but what continually surprises me is how each woman accomplishes her goal... read more

Children Are Silent Victims In Libya

As violence continues to escalate in Libya, casualties have increased, but the ones who have been most affected are the ones whose voices have not been heard, the children. In a post from UNICEF, Libyan children, especially from Misrati, have been caught in the crossfire of rebels and Gaddafi supporters. Unlike the constant stream of images that show men and women being shot at or killed, no images of... read more

Banning Islamic Veils Spark Controversy

When cultural differences spark controversy, how should one determine when a line has been crossed? In at least two publications, a recent story about France banning Muslim women to wear veils in public has ignited heated opinions about its legitimacy. Muslim women wear burqas or niqabs(veil that only exposes the eyes) in public and have never been targeted until now. According to Interior Minister Claude... read more

Midwives In India Save Women’s Lives

Midwives have had their share of stereotypes. To some, they are seen as a throwback to when women had to wait for hours on end to deliver a child. Back in the day, midwives were not taken seriously, nor relied upon to deliver babies safely. But times have changed, especially for some Indian communities. In India, a recent phenomenon has surfaced with regards to this profession. Young women have been... read more