Children Are Silent Victims In Libya

As violence continues to escalate in Libya, casualties have increased, but the ones who have been most affected are the ones whose voices have not been heard, the children.

In a post from UNICEF, Libyan children, especially from Misrati, have been caught in the crossfire of rebels and Gaddafi supporters. Unlike the constant stream of images that show men and women being shot at or killed, no images of children have been shown. Children have been terrorized as well, if not more so than adults by all this fighting.

According to the article, the youngest victim of this atrocity is nine months old. There have been numerous children under the age of ten who have been seriously injured or killed, but their faces have never been seen. Why has this been the case?

Children do not have the ability to protest like adults, so they become victims of this atrocity unwillingly. They are seen as enemies just because they are children of the opposition. With that, these children have been trapped along with their families, unable to escape from this, nor have any substantial food and water since the fighting in Misrata has worsened.

Withe the help of UNICEF, emergency health and surgical supplies have been delivered as well as safe drinking water to these families. Along with these, play kits have been sent for the children to play with indoors, to prevent them from being victims of sniper fire.

How many more children will have to be injured or killed before the fighting stops in Libya? No one knows for sure, but with the help of UNICEF, the children will be protected from becoming statistics of war. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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