Shortage of Girls Blamed On Selective Abortions

Tradition plays a huge role in the Indian culture, but one of their customs is being banned with regard to girls. A study shows that girls are being outnumbered by boys as a result of selective abortions.

With the help of ultrasound, parents are able to find out the gender of their child, but as a result of this, women have been choosing to terminate their pregnancy once they learn that their baby is a girl, not a boy.

Traditionally, boys have been preferred over girls to help out the family economically. But over time, studies are showing that this type of selection has resulted in shortage of marriageable women for men. One of the consequences of this custom is that women from neighboring towns are being married off to men who may not know the local language or customers. Women who are away from their families sometimes become subject to alienation, and/or sexual exploitation. According to Kailash Sathyarthi, founder of Global March, an organization that focuses on human trafficking and child labor issues, “The parents feel that the boy is a help for the future, where the girl is a liability.”

For soon to be mothers, giving birth to a girl brings about the burden of having to provide a dowry when she is of marriageable age. Another factor is the issue that girls bring dishonor to the family if she is accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with other men.

Although selective abortions of girls or female feticide is illegal, it is still practiced in India. Despite the fact that every culture continues to evolve, traditional points of view regarding girls in India are hard to change, but it needs to. If female feticide continues, the ratio of women to men will be significant, resulting in reduced populations. I believe that every culture has the right to exercise their customs, but not when it deliberately harms innocent children or could result in the loss of women within that culture. Here’s hoping that female feticide is banned for good, so women don’t have to make such horrific choices with regards to their unborn child. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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