Good Grades = Prom Dress

It’s Prom season and girls everywhere are getting ready to find the right dress for them. In Los Angeles, an organization is making sure that no girls are left out from this experience. On May 21, The Assistance League of Los Angeles held their annual dress giveaway to girls whose families could not afford to purchase the dresses for this occasion. The dresses are given as rewards for the hard work... read more

Reproductive Health Bill In Limbo

In a country where women are seen for the most part as equals, the issue of reproductive health has divided the Philippines for a long time. The recent issue of the Reproductive Health bill has ignited so much hostility between religious factions and those who are most affected: the women. Filipina women have had to contend with their own families who believe that passing this bill would make it easier for... read more

Botox and Children’s Pageants: A Dangerous Combination

A disturbing article I read recently regarding children in beauty pageants compelled me to write about it. In an article from Huffington Post & Herald Sun, a mother from San Francisco was defending her right to give her 8 year-old daughter Botox. It was her claim that she was doing this to help her daughter achieve her dream of becoming a pageant winner. For Britney Campbell, this was not unusual since... read more

Football Empowers Girls In Pakistan

In Pakistan, women have not been treated equally by their society. In their culture, women are mostly treated like second-class citizens, fighting to be seen and heard. One of the ways they are choosing to fight back is through a girls football club. Diya, a girls football club that was founded in 2003 by Sadia Sheikh, was created to provide young girls an opportunity to attain goals other than becoming... read more

Rediscovering My Mother

Mother’s Day is a day that celebrates Moms from all over the world. The day to celebrate may vary in each country, but the sentiment is always the same: celebrating the most important woman in your life. Even before the term “stay at home Mom” became part of our everyday vocabulary, my mother was never a stay-at-home mom. Nor was she a career woman. She just didn’t and still... read more

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