Camper or Camp Counselor? Not An Easy Choice To Make

As the school year ends, children are preparing to embark on summer fun. Some children go to summer day camps while some go to sleep away camps. Most children, like my daughter, have loved going to camp, but this year, the choice posed a difficult decision for her and an interesting point of view for me. Shaina has been going to camp since she was four, from nursery school to Suffolk Y JCC for two years,... read more

Westerners Viewed At A Different Angle

Westerners have always looked at other cultures as different and unlike anything they’re used to. But how different is it when the tables are turned? For Amira Sharif, using her camera to document the “natives” and photograph what she felt was unique made me wonder how her subjects felt being scrutinized. As a native New Yorker, how many times have I thought of seeing landmarks like the... read more

Reading Into The Future

Reading is as fundamental as eating and sleeping, but so many countries do not have the capability to provide education, let alone books to children who want to read. In Benin, girls are finally getting the chance to become part of the literate world. Other than having books at their disposal, their families will be able to keep track of what their child is learning. Through UNICEF, a system has been... read more

Driving = Freedom

How far should one go to exert their freedom? For one woman, it became a matter of necessity, not just a frivolous escapade. Saudi Arabian women have had their share of difficulties, especially when it pertains to what is considered “acceptable”. Women in Saudi Arabia have not been treated as equals, especially in the case of driving. Driving, an activity that most people take for granted, has... read more

A Violinist Parents’ Education

How far should a parent guide their child when it comes to playing instruments? My daughter recently performed at Carnegie Hall with seven hundred forty-six Suzuki violinists and while I sat listening to them play, I pondered over the idea of how much commitment it took to perform in front of two thousand people. My daughter started playing Suzuki violin at age six. Back then, I thought six was too young... read more