Chocolate Breaks The Ice

Who knew that Chocolate could be an ice breaker? I didn’t, but it turned out to be the right ingredient to stir the pot. I have been a freelance writer for quite some time, so getting back into the working world has been quite a culture shock. It’s not that I haven’t worked in an office setting before, but having been away from a corporate setting for quite a few years has had its... read more

How Far Should One Go To Have A Child?

Having a child is very rewarding for any parent, but how far should one go to have one? A disturbing article I read recently describes a contest in the UK that would allow people to win IVF treatments to conceive a child. The contest, described as “Win A Baby” is causing controversy over its motives. A fertility charity in Britain, To Hatch, has been given a license to run this contest from... read more

Are Gender Roles Necessary? Not In A Swedish Preschool

How important are gender roles? An interesting study about this issue was addressed at a Swedish preschool. Egalia, a preschool in Stockholm, Sweden, has raised some controversy over its policy of not addressing children as “boys” and “girls”. Children at Egalia are instructed to call each other “friends” instead of having designations such as “boys” or... read more

Turkey Burgers for Fourth of July BBQ? Not So Strange At Our House

Fourth of July is here and plans of hosting BBQ’s and preparing grilling accessories are in the forefront of most people’s schedule this weekend. My family has had our share of barbecues and my daughter has loved eating burgers and steaks, until last year. Shaina started feeling sick every time she ate something fried, oily or cooked in dairy. It became so bad that she would get nauseous each... read more

Babushkas Take Popular Music To A New Level

Who says singing popular music has an age limit? In the village of Buranovo, a group of elderly Russian women are quickly becoming famous as a result of their singing. These women, known as “babushkas” have taken singing popular songs to another level. What started out as a way to pass the time and bond with each other has paved the way for them to show their love of music to the rest of the... read more