New School, New Perspectives

As Labor Day weekend comes to a close, I try not to panic as the thought of the upcoming school year looms quickly upon me. While my family and I had a great summer and we took family trips, some planned and one due to Hurricane Irene, I am excited and nervous about this school year.

Most of my angst can be attributed to my daughter attending a new school. While I know that middle school is huge for most tweens, this is a big step for my whole family. For my daughter, it means a new way of learning coming from a Montessori school, and a gifted school prior to that. For us, it’s a new way of guiding her through her studies as she becomes familiar with the subjects that are taught differently than what she’s used to.

Until now, Shaina’s never had to be in a class with more than fifteen students and be in a school with more than 300 students throughout the whole school. Aside from the student population, she has loved being with students who thrive on challenges, and excel on top of it. Another aspect that will be different is the social end of it. While Shaina has made wonderful friendships from previous schools, it will be nice to develop friendships that are closer to home.

My husband and I were both taught in public schools, but for Shaina, this is going to be a new experience. I went through my whole academic life within the public school system and while I did fine, my daughter is not me. Her outlook will be different since she has her own way of looking at things. Her goal to do more than what is expected is because she loves the challenge and the end result of succeeding. My only hope, like most parents, is that her transition to middle school be as smooth as possible. I can’t take classes with her, but I can make sure to be present and hear about all the new things that she will experience this school year. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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