Kids Not Welcome? Weren’t You Once A Kid?

What would you do if a place you patronized decided to ban children from going there? Would you protest if your child was not allowed to fly in first-class? Two stories where kids were banned had me shaking my head.

Malaysian Airlines has recently banned children to ride in first class and a restaurant in Pennsylvania has banned children under six from dining in their restaurant. Is this really happening? What is the motive behind it?

According to Malaysian Airlines, this rule is for the comfort of first-class passengers, and it doesn’t apply to the rest of the passengers. While first-class passengers do pay more to be able to travel much more comfortably than regular folks, that should not be the motive to ban children from riding in first class.

McDain’s in Pennsylvania, recently decided that they would not allow anyone with children under six to be served at their restaurant. It was their contention that McDain’s was not a child-friendly restaurant, but an “adult” restaurant. They believed that there were enough restaurants that catered to families and McDain’s didn’t have to follow suit.

Really? I could understand if McDain’s was a restaurant that specifically served just adults, but to specifically target children under the age of six to pacify some patrons is unfair. While there are numerous restaurants that are not child-friendly, McDain’s didn’t start out that way. They decided to put this rule in place when some of their customers complained about 1 or 2 incidents that involved children.

While I understand that some establishments cater to just adults and some are kid-friendly, there’s a reason behind it. But to suddenly ban children from the aforementioned places because they felt like it, that’s unfair. I have no problems with establishments that cater to children or just adults, especially when I’m out with my husband or girlfriends, but these places set these boundaries from the beginning, not when 1 or 2 people suddenly say children should not be welcomed at their place.

When you think about it, weren’t we all children once? Don’t you remember when you used to have tantrums and had to be taken out of the store or restaurant so as not to bother others? I remember when we had to take Shaina out of a restaurant because she was beyond consoling over something that we couldn’t figure out. We were still welcomed at the same establishment after that incident, but I would have been stunned if we had been banned after that incident.

As a parent, I understand how people can lose patience over the noise children make, but it should not justify public venues to discriminate against families. Children may not be welcome at every establishment, but they should not be shunned as second-class citizens either. Don’t forget that at some point, we were once kids, and it’s that sentiment that should not be forgotten. It may be unrealistic to think that some people would be sympathetic to parents with children who have been affected by these incidents, but I hope that if enough people realize how unfair this has been and would be if other establishments follow suit, they’ll think twice about putting such a harsh law in effect. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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