DIY Costumes For Halloween: A Better Option This Year

Each year, Halloween has created angst for both my daughter and I. It never fails that every year, I feel like I’m trying to catch up before the race ends to find the right costume. My daughter and I would usually go from one Halloween costume store to another until we hope to find the one she loves. While I love this holiday, I don’t care so much about the chaos that usually ensues before the... read more

Beware Of Skinny Jeans

I love jeans and they have been part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. Years ago, there were Levi’s, Lee’s and others that I don’t care to mention for fear of dating myself. Nowadays, jeans are sold everywhere and the styles are numerous and confusing. There’s straight leg, boot cut, flare and skinny jeans to name a few, all meant to fit and flatter your figure. My... read more

Women’s Room Etiquette – Is There Such A Thing?

So I know that restroom lines for women are always interminably long and most times, I am patient. But when the inconvenience extends to more than just lines, it gets annoying. I never understand how there are always lines to go to the women’s restroom, but never on the men’s restroom. What do women do in there? The stalls are too small to do anything else but your business, yet for some... read more

And The Blogging Goes On…

Today marks an important milestone for me personally and professionally because it marks the one year anniversary of my blog, The Pinay Perspective. It has been a year filled with so many ups and downs, similar to the life I’ve lived. Personally, it was an undertaking I didn’t think I could do let alone continue for however long it would last. I was challenged by my husband who basically told... read more

The End Of Bus Stop Goodbyes

I have been walking my daughter to her bus stop since she started Kindergarten and it didn’t dawn on me that it would ever stop, until that day came. I still remember her first day of Kindergarten and the nervousness we felt as we waited for the “big bus” to arrive. Camera on hand, my husband took a picture of her before she boarded the bus and then I proceeded to drive to the school as... read more

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