A Survivor’s Story And Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the time when families get together and give thanks for all the blessings in their lives, but this year, I wanted to write about a person whose story made me feel differently about gratitude this year. As part of Shaina’s seventh grade Hebrew class, a class trip to the Holocaust Museum was planned to see art work that was created by Holocaust survivors and listen to a survivor talk... read more

Marriage By Choice, Not By Obligation

As my husband and I celebrated sixteen years of marriage a week ago, I am surprised that arranged marriages still exist as I’ve read in publications recently. While I came from a country that preferred arranged marriages years and years ago, some of the “benefits” from such a marriage are not as unwelcome as others might think nowadays. Tradition dictated that parents arrange the match... read more

Defining An “Asian F” In My Family

if you haven’t heard of the term “Asian F”, let me give you the background. If you’re familiar with the show Glee, there’s a part during one of the episodes when one of the young men (an Asian) walks into Glee practice to inform his group that he could no longer be a part of the group. The reason? His father said he had to quit Glee club since he got a 99 on one of his... read more