Teen Girls Speak Out Against Child Marriages

Once in a while, a story comes my way that needs to be told. In a country like India where child marriages are common and sometimes a necessity, it is a fact of life and girls are not heard. Most often than not, girls are seen as commodity that can be given away as wives in their teen years. While these families look at child marriage as a way to help the family financially, it has brought numerous people,... read more

Does Holiday Music Put You In The Spirit Of Gift-Giving?

Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas Tree is up in Rockefeller Center and holiday music can be heard from every store you are in or radio station you may be listening to. With all of of these things up and running, has it put you in the mood of planning what gifts to buy your loved ones for the holidays? For me, this season has always been very stressful, trying to find the right gift for members of our... read more