Fee Charged to Women Who Need To Use The Restroom

Should anyone ever mandate one’s personal hygiene? Should any society dictate who can use public restrooms and who shouldn’t? If you had to pay to use the restroom because of your gender, what would you do?

Believe it or not, in India, public restrooms can be used by both men and women, but the big difference is that women have to pay to use the facilities, but men don’t. There are public facilities available but they are few and far between and the ones that exist lack basic necessities like bathroom tissues or vending machines for sanitary towels. While some public restrooms in the US are not as sanitary as they can be, there are no fees involved in order to use the facilities.

Public and private bathrooms are scarce in India and most that exist are just holes in the ground. and while a campaign called “Right To Pee” has been established to demand better facilities especially for women, it is amazing that women in this day and age have to contend with this issue. While I understand that private bathrooms are seen as luxuries that few can afford, it is unfair that women have to pay to use the same public stalls that men use. If the goal is to collect enough money to build better facilities for everyone, then why not charge the men as well. Why must women have to suffer as a result of their gender? Isn’t it enough that they have to make do with the bare facilities that are available to them? Why must they have to pay the price for something that men and women alike use for hygiene?

Men and women have the same bodily functions so why must women be singled out to pay what our bodies expel naturally? Why is it fair for women to pay while men use the same facilities for free? I, for one, don’t believe that practices like these should be condoned, and if facilities should have a fee, then men should be charged as well. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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