It Starts With Conversation

As a blogger, you hope that as you write about your opinions and ideas, there are people whom you can connect with and share common causes.

When I heard that there was to be a Social Good Summit in NY to discuss how social media and technology could be used to help countries struggling to keep up with the digital world, I decided that I wanted to go and find out more about it. After doing some research and finding out that the Summit consisted of three days filled with speakers from every part of the world, discussing issues that have not been exposed until now, I thought of it as an opportunity for me to listen and learn.

I admit, that I, myself, have not been as proactive as I should be with regard to global issues, but until these past three days, I didn’t know if my voice would make a difference. Part of the reason for starting my blog was to connect with women around my area, but also to find out what problems women faced in other countries that I was not aware of, and sure enough, I was quite shocked.

So many women and girls in countries like Somalia, India, Afghanistan, to name a few, are still struggling with their fight against gender biases, that their future and children’s future are at risk of being affected. Issues like human trafficking, poverty, and genital mutilation, are still plaguing women and children in the developing countries. Basic human rights for women do not exist in these countries as a result of years of cultural oppression.

The idea of the Social Good Summit was to use social media and technology as tools to bring awareness regarding these grave issues to the rest of the world. From US Sec of State Hillary Clinton saying a few words about her interest in the Summit, to celebrities like Forest Whitaker, Mira Sorvino, Peter Gabriel, America Ferrera, and Alexis Bledel, humanitarians like Jane Goodall, Muhammad Yunus and Deepak Chopra, NY Times columnist Nick Kristof, Janet Napolitano-Sec., US Dept. of Homeland Security, as well as doctors, technologists, activists, Ambassadors and CEO’s, there was no doubt that all were present for one reason: to start the conversation.

It was quite enlightening to see how passionate these speakers were to find solutions regarding these issues and not just talk about them, but put forth their ideas into action. With Sec. of State Clinton’s Equal Futures Partnership, Mario Bello’s We Advance, Jill Sheffield’s Women Deliver and Mira Sorvino’s involvement with a film titled “Trade of Innocents” dealing with human trafficking, just to name a few, it was amazing to see how much can done if given the right tools.

Hearing all the speakers and seeing so many press and bloggers like me who were fortunate enough to be chosen to become a part of this event, was inspiring. As someone who started a blog initially to connect with other women, the participation and networking that resulted from this Summit has convinced me that in my own way, I can spread the word about global issues and not just be a bystander. To coin a phrase from Actor and Activist, Maria Bello, “you serve best by what doing what you love the most” and for me, blogging about the Summit and how social media and technology can empower women and girls is just one way I can get involved; so let’s start the conversation flowing. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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