Understanding The Madness

For so many, today was filled with sadness and heartbreak as two of the twenty children from the Sandy Hook school shooting were laid to rest. Ever since I heard about the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut this past Friday, I’ve been experiencing so many emotions – running the gamut from numbness upon hearing it, to heartbreaking sadness and currently, anger. When the news first broke... read more

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! read more

Beautification Becomes Cause For Divorce

Is there such a thing as “happily ever after” once you’re married? Apparently not for one couple from China. Like most couples, Jian Feng and his wife fell in love and got married, but things drastically changed when they had a baby. While having a child can be seen as a huge adjustment for any couple, for this couple, it became grounds for divorce. The reason for divorce? He said that... read more

When Noodles Are NOT Enough

During the cold winter months, there’s nothing better than a heaping bowl of soup. At least, that’s what I was obsessing about when I walked into Daisho in Huntington (308 Main St.) this past weekend. From the outside, Daisho’s sign boasted of Ramen & Yakitori (Japanese skewers) as well as sushi. To preface, Daisho’s location was previously occupied by Dragon Gate. While I... read more