When Noodles Are NOT Enough

During the cold winter months, there’s nothing better than a heaping bowl of soup. At least, that’s what I was obsessing about when I walked into Daisho in Huntington (308 Main St.) this past weekend.

From the outside, Daisho’s sign boasted of Ramen & Yakitori (Japanese skewers) as well as sushi. To preface, Daisho’s location was previously occupied by Dragon Gate. While I wasn’t that fond of Dragon Gate, I decided to see if Daisho was faring better than its predecessor.

For starters, we ordered Yakitori since their menu listed them as specialties besides Ramen. The skewered quail eggs were seasoned well, but they tasted like tiny hard boiled eggs that I’ve cooked at home. The surprising combination of bacon wrapped asparagus was delicious, and for someone who loves almost everything wrapped in bacon, it was a treat.

For main courses, I had the BBQ pork ramen and my guest had the spicy shrimp ramen. Separately, the BBQ pork was good, but a little tough. The ramen was soft, but not overcooked, and the broth was delicious. One would think that combining the two would work, but in this case, the pork remained tough, not enhancing the ramen in any way, so I would have been content having them as separate dishes.

While the food was good, it was not as exciting as I had hoped it would be. The portions were okay, but not great. In contrast, the sushi chef was busy since it looked like their take-out portion did better. When I asked for a take-out menu, I was told that they weren’t coming until the following week, which made me wonder how long this restaurant would be around. As a restaurant that’s trying to differentiate themselves from other dining establishments, it’s hard to do so when the address on the bill still says Dragon Gate on it. What was even more telling was the lack of diners besides us on a Friday night in downtown Huntington, where restaurants are found on almost every block.

As a foodie, I’m all about the food, but if the food is not enough to overcome the lack of diners or identity, then it’s time to move on. Maybe time will prove me wrong and Daisho will be able to attract more customers and reservations will be mandatory, but until that happens, I’m continuing my quest for a great Ramen restaurant on Long Island. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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