Beautification Becomes Cause For Divorce

Is there such a thing as “happily ever after” once you’re married? Apparently not for one couple from China. Like most couples, Jian Feng and his wife fell in love and got married, but things drastically changed when they had a baby. While having a child can be seen as a huge adjustment for any couple, for this couple, it became grounds for divorce. The reason for divorce? He said that his wife gave birth to an ugly baby so it couldn’t be his child. To make it worse, he accused his wife of adultery since in his opinion, the baby didn’t look like him. Feng didn’t believe the baby was his until DNA tests proved otherwise. While there have been questions as to the veracity of this story, it still bothered this writer to the point that I decided to voice how I felt about it.

As I read the story behind this couple, I had to stop myself from opening my mouth in horror. The history behind this couple entailed a discovery made by Feng, after accusing his wife of cheating, that his wife confessed to have undergone plastic surgery before they met. In 2012, it’s amazing that a case like this is even taken seriously. How is it right for a man to divorce a woman because she gave birth to a baby that he considers ugly? This man felt that he was deceived by his wife for not disclosing about her plastic surgery, but should that be the woman’s fault?

While I don’t believe in plastic surgery, I can understand why anyone would want to enhance one’s appearance, if it would make that person feel better about themselves. What I don’t understand is how the court system in China has found in favor of the husband who has maligned his wife. Where’s the justice in this? Why should the woman be penalized for changing her looks? While I don’t agree that she kept her plastic surgery from her husband, how is it fair that she has to pay for her husband’s superficiality? The woman in question was forced to pay this man $120,000 for damages, but what about the damage and humiliation he subjected his wife to? Even more horrifying is the damage that this craziness has done to the child who was dragged into this mess without a choice. That’s my take on this, what’s yours?

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