Being Mindful Of Having Water

Water is an important resource for all of us, from bathing to drinking. We use water daily without a second thought, but how would we fare if we ran the risk of losing it? A photo essay depicting the danger of water shortage in Sierra Leone had me question how we would cope if we were in the same situation. The photo essay showed a stark environment surrounded by desert in one photo and pockets of water,... read more

Can Films Teach Positive Role Models To Kids?

How many times have you seen films where the protagonist is male? More than I can count on my fingers. How many female protagonists have been featured in films? Not enough. I was inspired to write about this topic after hearing a segment of TED Talks where the topic was “How Movies Teach Manhood”. The speaker, Colin Stokes (previously stage & screen actor, currently Director of... read more

A CES Product Ad That Backfired

Electronics have become invaluable in our daily lives. From cell phones, GPS’ and tablets, we choose and purchase what best fits our needs and our personality. Apple products are part of our daily lives, just like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. It’s no wonder that thousands look forward to attending CES(Consumer Electronics Show) every year, to see what’s on the horizon for geeks as well as... read more

Bride Confinement, Fattening & Circumcision To Attract Husbands

Age-old customs are necessary to maintain one’s culture, but what happens when these customs become outdated, or even dangerous to one’s health? It was interesting to find an article that illustrated some customs in Nigeria that are still being used to this day to attract potential husbands, but two customs are questionable at best. Bride confinement and fattening, also known as... read more

For Some Children, A “Bedroom” Is Quite Different

Have you ever thought of your bedroom as a haven? Would you consider your bedroom as a place of peace, besides a room to sleep in? Until I saw James Mollison’s photo essay depicting the “bedrooms” of children from different countries, I never thought much of it. For someone who had to share a bedroom with my sister, my bedroom was never a place that I could go to for peace and quiet. Our... read more

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