Mandating How Women Ride Motorbikes

In many countries, women are still subjected to laws that endanger their freedom as well as their lives. In Indonesia, a law has been proposed in Lhokseumawe, in the province of Aceh, Sumatra, in which women are being forced to change how they ride motorbikes. Motor bikes are widely used as transportation by both men and women, but the mode of riding by women has sparked some controversy. Local leaders are... read more

For Japanese Men, Expressing Love via Shout-Outs

How do you express your love on Valentine’s Day? For most Americans, giving loved ones chocolates and flowers symbolize their affection, but for some in Japan, they express it quite differently; they shout it out. Every year, at the end of January, hundreds of Japanese men line up in a public space and profess their love for their wives by screaming it out. In addition, these vocal declarations of... read more

A Day At The UN Conference Can Make A Difference

This past Monday marked an interesting and inspiring day because I was invited to attend a forum at the UN by the UNA (United Nations Association). The purpose of this event was to discuss future initiatives that will impact UN’s Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) when the current ones expire in 2015. I received this invitation to hear panels discuss initiatives regarding education, youth and... read more