Ingenuous Ad That Warns Children About Abuse

An ad that has been unveiled in Spain is creating awareness towards an issue that continues to plague children: abuse.

In this brilliant hotline ad created by Fundacion Anar (Aid to Children & Adolescents at Risk) that’s prominently placed at a bus stop, a particular technology is used to focus on children who may be victims of abuse. Through lenticular photography, the ad’s message is different for the adult and the child. Why would that matter? The technology in question is able to relay different images and messages to the adult and child who comes across it.

The significance of this technology is crucial because it allows the a child who may be in an abusive setting to call for help. Safety has always been a critical issue since victims of abuse don’t want to aggravate their situation by attracting attention. In this case, the message and image meant for a child would only be visible if he/she is up to 4 feet, 5 inches. Anyone taller than that would see a slightly different image and message. The message for a child is meant to make them aware that help is available and hopefully, with no repercussions for reaching out.

Abuse of any kind should not be condoned and should be reported, but it becomes a challenge when the abused are children who may not realize they can reach out for help. Child abuse happens in every country and it has become worse over time. It is my hope that this technology will be used in every country to reach children who are in dire need of help, and know that by doing so will not cause any further harm to them. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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