China’s Educational System Plans to Reduce Stress on Students

As schools around the country open their doors for another year of learning and students tackle homework from various teachers, changes may be in store for the children of China with regard to education. A new law is being proposed by China’s Minister of Education that would entail cutting back on homework for students attending primary schools.

The educational system in China has been known for bringing out academic excellence out of students, but it has had a negative impact when it concerns the subject of creativity. Studies show that while Chinese students have succeeded in surpassing other countries concerning subjects such as Math and Science, there has been a significant lack of investment towards creativity. The new proposal will eliminate written homework for primary students; instead their learning would be “experiential homework”, entailing field trips or hands-on activities. In addition, testing for younger students would be reduced.

As for older students, written homework will still be part of their workload and testing will still be administered, but the new system will lessen the workload significantly. Following this plan will hopefully reduce anxiety and stress that has been seen in older students as a result of work overload and add creativity to their scholastic lives.

While this law has yet to be passed, it has made me appreciate the variety of opportunities that are available to students in this country. Yes, there is pressure for students to compete in order to be successful, but creativity plays an enormous part in becoming well-rounded individuals. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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