The “Thigh Gap” Effect on Body Image

Body image has been a point of contention for so many girls and women, and a new trend exacerbate this: thigh gap.

It’s bad enough that so many young girls have body image issues, but to add the idea of “Thigh Gap” just adds fuel to the fire. “Thigh gap” is the idea of having a space between the thighs so they’re not touching while you’re standing. This issue became a focal point when photos of a plus-size model named Robin Lawley received negative comments on Facebook because she lacked a “thigh gap”. Never mind that Lawley’s photo was on the cover of Vogue Italia, or that she has modeled for designers like Ralph Lauren; the “thigh gap” issue took over.

Lawley fought back by sending a note to The Daily Beast, a British publication, that attacking her was “just another tool of manipulation that other people are trying to use to keep me from loving my body”. If only more girls would follow her beliefs, but I know that it’s an on-going challenge.

Self-esteem issues are nothing new, but when something like “thigh gap” is added to the concerns of so many girls and women, it won’t be an easy fight to win. Here’s hoping that with Lawley and others like her speaking out against the “thigh gap”. it will decrease its importance and maybe, just maybe, self-esteem of girls and women won’t be an issue. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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