THINX Underwear Reduces Stigma about Menstruation

The word “menstruation” evokes various sentiments depending on who’s doing the talking and who’s doing the listening. For most women, the menstrual cycle consists of back pains, cramps and all-encompassing uncomfortability. Products ranging from tampons to pads try to alleviate the stress & pain that women go through to survive this monthly ordeal. Interestingly, the variety of products and the immeasurable number of them seem endless, from Super Tampons to Pads with Wings. And while they reduce the stress temporarily, a new product may be the answer to this monthly ordeal.

THINX Underwear is the brain child of two sisters, Miki and Radha Agrawal, whose mission is to take away the negative impressions that feminine hygiene has been surrounding women and girls for centuries. What originated as creating underwear that would prevent staining from menses resulted into a revolutionary product. For the Agrawal sisters, this idea was borne out of their personal experience with an untimely arrival of one’s menses that prompted them to find a better solution that would be permanent.

What makes THINX unique is that it is designed with four layers of material to ensure that it is leakproof, stain-resistant, as well as anti-microbial.
Aside from its protective layers, their designs are aesthetically pleasing, with “classic styles” like hiphugger, thong, cheeky and lacy and would rival brand name intimate wear.

More importantly, proceeds from the purchase of THINX underwear go to AFRIPads, an organization that provides washable pads for girls in Uganda. Prior to AFRIPads, girls in developing countries would miss a week of school due to lack of resources to address the issue of feminine hygiene. This partnership is crucial in creating awareness of how feminine hygiene is perceived in developing countries, as well as eliminating the stigma of shame it has placed on millions of girls.

As someone who has had her share of accidents due to staining over the years, THINX underwear couldn’t come any earlier. One such accident took place in a doctor’s office a few months ago after being informed by the physician’s assistant that my pants had a stain from menstruation. I was thankful that I had worn a long shirt that day so I could hide the stain and not draw further attention to it.

Accidents do happen, but with the invention of THINX underwear, it may just drastically reduce its frequency or eliminate it entirely. One thing is certain, it will alter the way women view feminine hygiene products. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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