Reporting Abuse via ATM-like Machines

Using an ATM is universally known as dispensing currency at any given time, but in India, ATM-like machines are being used to literally save lives.

In India, women and girls are constantly subject to abuse, either physical, mental, or both. Women who are involved in these circumstances try to take matters into their own hands by reporting abuse to the police, but often, their complaints go unnoticed or ignored, until now.

A new machine known as the ICLIK(Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk) is making it possible for women to lodge complaints of abuse or harassment without fear of any retaliation from their abuser. Any person who has been abused can lodge a complaint by typing up a report or speaking onto a handset and a receipt would be dispensed ensuring that a complaint has been recorded. Created by Joydeep Nayak, a police general from Muthri, it is his intention that any woman who experiences any abuse have the ability to report it.

One woman who has benefited from ICLIK is Manju Mitra, who has been abused by her husband because of claims that her dowry has been insufficient. Mitra has tried to report the abuse to the police as well as her family, but her complaints have been unheard until now. Within days of using ICLIK, Mitra’s complaints reached the police and took action against her husband.

Mitra’s actions against her abuser and the support it has amassed due to ICLIK has given hope to numerous women who may not have known how to fight back against abuse. It has been Nayak’s dream to have a kiosk at public spaces to ensure that any woman who needs help can get it. With the success of ICLIK in Bhubaneswar, it may just be a matter of time before they become as popular as ATM’s. These machines can help save lives. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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