The Doctor Can See You Now- Virtually

Seeing a doctor may be easier than it has been, especially when you’re sick and can’t get an appointment for weeks, until now.

With the help of a new smartphone application called “Doctor On Demand”, patients can be treated by a doctor without having to leave their homes. Using this app, patients can fill in their medical information and questions on a form and get connected with various types of doctors, from pediatricians, psychologists and primary care physicians, for consultation via videochat.

Some of the advantages of using this app are immediate care, convenience of being treated without having to travel, thereby reducing the amount of exposure of illness to others. While appointments with “Doctor On Demand” cost $40 every 15 minutes, the fee for extra time can be waived by the doctor if he/she feels the patient needs those extra few minutes to finish.

As a result of crowded waiting rooms and 2-3 week waiting periods for appointments, urgent care facilities have become an option for patients. Urgent care facilities take insurance and can treat patients right away, which takes the stress of waiting to be seen. As someone who has waited for a week or two to see my primary care physician for regular check-ups, or waiting for hours in the emergency room, I can understand why a patient would choose something different. While “Doctor On Demand” has yet to catch on, it may just be the alternative that could change the way patients are treated without having to compromise on their care. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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