Tattoos Give Burn Victims New Lease on Life

Tattoos have been used as a way of expressing beauty for years. Whether a person has tattooed a part of the body or most of it, there’s no denying that it attracts attention. Tattoos elicit various reactions, from one extreme to the next, but recent use of tattoos may change viewers’ reactions.

For Basma Hameed, the idea of tattoos would change her life as a result of being a burn victim when she was a child. After undergoing numerous surgeries and laser treatments to hide the scars from the burn accident, she was told that no surgery or treatment could take away the skin discoloration that resulted from it.

Undettered by doctors’ opinions, Hameed decided to experment with tattoos on hersell, initially to line her eyebrow that was burned off from the accident. The result of covering her naked brow with a tattoo gave her the impetus to go to school and learn about medical tattooing. Hameed found that using ink color that matched one’s skin color covered the scars that were thought of as untreatable.

The result of painstaking trials to get the right tattoo pigment to match her skin color, enabled Hameed to create a business that could help those who has suffered like her. After establishing a clinic in Toronto, she has expanded her practice to a second clinic in Chicago, where she is able to help women who have been burn victims as well as those who suffer from Vitiligo. She has also created an organization, the Basma Hameed Survivors Foundation, which enables women to receive treatment for free if they’re unable to afford them.

Despite opposing views on her condition, Hameed’s determination to survive the horrific circumstances that affected her has accomplished more than what others thought was possible. By applying tattoo treatments she has used on herself to other burn victims,  Hameed has given these women a renewed sense of self-worth, empowering them to face the world without fear or shame. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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