Art Project in China Enable Disabled To Create Art via Brain Waves

Creating art is a physical and mental endeavor usually translated by using one’s eyes and hands. A new technology in China may push the boundaries of how art can be created and enable the disabled to create art.

In China, where 83 million of the population are disabled, their presence has not made an impact on society. Now, that’s changing. Chinese artist Jody Xiong has launched a project entitled “Mind Art”, whereby artists with disabilities from China have been chosen to participate in this endeavor. Of the 16 who were chosen, most are wheelchair-bound and others are missing hands or arms.

“Mind Art” project is where headsets, called NueroSky,  attached to a processing unit are fitted on the heads of participants. Electronic signals emitted from them trigger tiny detonators attached to paint balloons which spray different chosen pigments onto blank canvases. Through deep concentration, each artist is able to create their own work and have their “performances” seen by the public.

So far, their works have been viewed in 22 cities across China. Here’s hoping that it changes how people perceive people with disabilities. That’s my view on this, what’s yours?

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