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Ingenuous Ad That Warns Children About Abuse

An ad that has been unveiled in Spain is creating awareness towards an issue that continues to plague children: abuse. In this brilliant hotline ad created by Fundacion Anar (Aid to Children & Adolescents at Risk) that’s prominently placed at a bus stop, a particular technology is used to focus on children who may be victims of abuse. Through lenticular photography, the ad’s message is... read more

A CES Product Ad That Backfired

Electronics have become invaluable in our daily lives. From cell phones, GPS’ and tablets, we choose and purchase what best fits our needs and our personality. Apple products are part of our daily lives, just like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. It’s no wonder that thousands look forward to attending CES(Consumer Electronics Show) every year, to see what’s on the horizon for geeks as well as... read more