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The Doctor Can See You Now- Virtually

Seeing a doctor may be easier than it has been, especially when you’re sick and can’t get an appointment for weeks, until now. With the help of a new smartphone application called “Doctor On Demand”, patients can be treated by a doctor without having to leave their homes. Using this app, patients can fill in their medical information and questions on a form and get connected with... read more

Chinese Parents Sue Children For Neglect

There’s a saying that I’ve heard from other friends who have children that goes, “Be nice to your children because they choose your future nursing home”. While I’ve tended to laugh when I hear that phrase, it’s not a laughing matter in China. A law is set to be passed in China starting July 1st that entitles any parent to sue their child if they feel the’ve been... read more

For Some Children, A “Bedroom” Is Quite Different

Have you ever thought of your bedroom as a haven? Would you consider your bedroom as a place of peace, besides a room to sleep in? Until I saw James Mollison’s photo essay depicting the “bedrooms” of children from different countries, I never thought much of it. For someone who had to share a bedroom with my sister, my bedroom was never a place that I could go to for peace and quiet. Our... read more

Back To School Shopping Angst

It’s that time of the year when you know that summer is ending. Circulars and coupons of back to school sales get crammed into my mailbox or bombarded in my email that I become anxious before I even look at the sales. I used to love shopping for school supplies and school clothes for my daughter when she was young. We would go to places like Children’s Place or Gymboree for clothes, then Target... read more

Is Compassion Inherent or Taught?

Are you a compassionate person? I thought I was until I read an article about one man’s observations of human behavior from one city to another. In the first setting, he and his father come upon a homeless man while walking in the city and observes how people respond to the man’s predicament. Every person who came upon this man pretended as thought he was invisible. Even his own father observed... read more

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