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The “Thigh Gap” Effect on Body Image

Body image has been a point of contention for so many girls and women, and a new trend exacerbate this: thigh gap. It’s bad enough that so many young girls have body image issues, but to add the idea of “Thigh Gap” just adds fuel to the fire. “Thigh gap” is the idea of having a space between the thighs so they’re not touching while you’re standing. This issue... read more

China’s Educational System Plans to Reduce Stress on Students

As schools around the country open their doors for another year of learning and students tackle homework from various teachers, changes may be in store for the children of China with regard to education. A new law is being proposed by China’s Minister of Education that would entail cutting back on homework for students attending primary schools. The educational system in China has been known for... read more

Ingenuous Ad That Warns Children About Abuse

An ad that has been unveiled in Spain is creating awareness towards an issue that continues to plague children: abuse. In this brilliant hotline ad created by Fundacion Anar (Aid to Children & Adolescents at Risk) that’s prominently placed at a bus stop, a particular technology is used to focus on children who may be victims of abuse. Through lenticular photography, the ad’s message is... read more

Mom+Social = Awareness

Sunday was Mother’s Day and last Wednesday, May 8th, Moms from all over the world were heard in a forum that spoke about their causes through the use of social media. In an event titled “MomPlusSocial” held at 92nd Y Tribeca, it was a culmination of an initiative that began back in March by Arianna Huffington called the Global Mom Relay. The intent was to feature a Mom who has created or... read more

Chinese Parents Sue Children For Neglect

There’s a saying that I’ve heard from other friends who have children that goes, “Be nice to your children because they choose your future nursing home”. While I’ve tended to laugh when I hear that phrase, it’s not a laughing matter in China. A law is set to be passed in China starting July 1st that entitles any parent to sue their child if they feel the’ve been... read more

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