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Dinner’s Not Dinner Unless There’s Line Dancing

I love going to restaurants where the atmosphere is as much fun as the food is delicious. I’ve been to numerous restaurants where food took precedence over entertainment. Most times, the entertainment is passable or just becomes a backdrop for what you came for, the food. But the other night, we were surprised to have both things. At Felito’s in Virginia Beach, it didn’t look like... read more

First Filipina Pilot Commands The Sky

As today’s post is #100, I thought it would be fitting to write about how far women keep pushing the gender barrier in our favor. I’ve always tried to write about women who make choices in life that provide for their community or are role models for young people. The fact that I keep finding amazing women is no surprise, but what continually surprises me is how each woman accomplishes her goal... read more

Disasters Outweigh Any Wars

In the days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has destroyed parts of Japan, it occurred to me how this natural disaster has shifted our focus from political strife to humanitarian issues. Videos of the tsunami plowing through cars, roads and buildings as if they were made from cardboard, people being tossed around like rag dolls and lives lost were just some of the images shown on the air... read more

Is Sidewalk Rage Similar To Road Rage?

As people try to battle one another for the best sales today, as part of President’s weekend, I thought of writing about a term that I recently saw in an article, sidewalk rage. In an article I read, sidewalk rage applies to those who have no patience when surrounded by people who are slow walkers. As a matter of fact, a scientist has devised a 15-question Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale... read more

Can Social Networks Replace Physical Interaction?

As we have become enmeshed in the digital world, it has become very convenient to keep in touch with anyone we know via text, Facebook and Twitter. But is there a price to pay for the convenience? A study shows that Facebook and Twitter have become invaluable to those who share similar interests with us, but what of those whom we never met? Are we willing to share our every thought, action or itinerary for... read more

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