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Even In A Bleak Hour, Love Must Prevail

It couldn’t be true. There must have been a mistake. He couldn’t have won. Those were my thoughts as I read my feed on Twitter & Facebook this morning after a restless sleep, filled with anxiety while awaiting the results from yesterday’s Presidential election. How was this possible? After millions of Americans who exercised their right to vote, from young adults to senior citizens of... read more

Why We Need To Talk About Meningitis

“What Type of World Do I Want To Live In By The Year 2030?” was this year’s theme at the Social Good Summit. Held for the past seven years at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, it has attracted speakers ranging from entrepreneurs, artists, and advocates to address the 17 Social Development Goals (SDG’s) as part of the global conversations held during UN Week. In addition to the speakers, I was... read more

Uganda’s First Female Gym Creates Safe Space for Women

For most people, gyms are meant for working out. That’s not always the case for women who feel under scrutiny while they exercise. One woman in Uganda has made it her mission to change that. For Mildred Apenyo, working out was not just for show. While she had no problems with aerobics classes, she was drawn to weight lifting and building muscles. What started out as a way of keeping fit became a... read more

Biking Towards Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

Riding a bicycle is seen as a rite of passage for most children and a recreational tool for many adults,  but for a group of women in Afghanistan, it is a vehicle towards equality. For members of Afghanistan’s Women’s National Cycling Team, bicycling has been a way of forcing their society to look at how men speak and act towards them. While treatment of Afghan women has gotten better more... read more

First Female Cab Driver in Afghanistan Changes The Future of Women

Afghan women face discrimination on a daily basis, especially when it involves driving, but one woman is determined to change that. Sara Bahayi is one woman who has never been quiet about her opinions and she has made it her mission to challenge the patriarchal system that has ruled and continues to rule Afghanistan. At first glance, Bahayi may seem like any other Afghan women, except for her profession:... read more

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