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Why We Need To Talk About Meningitis

“What Type of World Do I Want To Live In By The Year 2030?” was this year’s theme at the Social Good Summit. Held for the past seven years at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, it has attracted speakers ranging from entrepreneurs, artists, and advocates to address the 17 Social Development Goals (SDG’s) as part of the global conversations held during UN Week. In addition to the speakers, I was... read more

Art Project in China Enable Disabled To Create Art via Brain Waves

Creating art is a physical and mental endeavor usually translated by using one’s eyes and hands. A new technology in China may push the boundaries of how art can be created and enable the disabled to create art. In China, where 83 million of the population are disabled, their presence has not made an impact on society. Now, that’s changing. Chinese artist Jody Xiong has launched a project... read more

Tattoos Give Burn Victims New Lease on Life

Tattoos have been used as a way of expressing beauty for years. Whether a person has tattooed a part of the body or most of it, there’s no denying that it attracts attention. Tattoos elicit various reactions, from one extreme to the next, but recent use of tattoos may change viewers’ reactions. For Basma Hameed, the idea of tattoos would change her life as a result of being a burn victim when... read more

The Doctor Can See You Now- Virtually

Seeing a doctor may be easier than it has been, especially when you’re sick and can’t get an appointment for weeks, until now. With the help of a new smartphone application called “Doctor On Demand”, patients can be treated by a doctor without having to leave their homes. Using this app, patients can fill in their medical information and questions on a form and get connected with... read more

THINX Underwear Reduces Stigma about Menstruation

The word “menstruation” evokes various sentiments depending on who’s doing the talking and who’s doing the listening. For most women, the menstrual cycle consists of back pains, cramps and all-encompassing uncomfortability. Products ranging from tampons to pads try to alleviate the stress & pain that women go through to survive this monthly ordeal. Interestingly, the variety of... read more

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