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Saving Lives Through “The Solar Suitcase”

Imagine if saving lives was as easy opening up a suitcase? Well, for Dr. Laura Stachel, the suitcase became a symbol of life. Dr. Stachel, with the help of her non-profit organization, We Care Solar, created “the solar suitcase” which is a portable solar energy kit designed to light any location. While it may be seen as an unusual apparatus, it isn’t if the location is based in a... read more

A Day At The UN Conference Can Make A Difference

This past Monday marked an interesting and inspiring day because I was invited to attend a forum at the UN by the UNA (United Nations Association). The purpose of this event was to discuss future initiatives that will impact UN’s Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) when the current ones expire in 2015. I received this invitation to hear panels discuss initiatives regarding education, youth and... read more

Being Mindful Of Having Water

Water is an important resource for all of us, from bathing to drinking. We use water daily without a second thought, but how would we fare if we ran the risk of losing it? A photo essay depicting the danger of water shortage in Sierra Leone had me question how we would cope if we were in the same situation. The photo essay showed a stark environment surrounded by desert in one photo and pockets of water,... read more

Bride Confinement, Fattening & Circumcision To Attract Husbands

Age-old customs are necessary to maintain one’s culture, but what happens when these customs become outdated, or even dangerous to one’s health? It was interesting to find an article that illustrated some customs in Nigeria that are still being used to this day to attract potential husbands, but two customs are questionable at best. Bride confinement and fattening, also known as... read more

Life After “Sandy”

If you’re like so many who have experienced superstorm “Sandy”, you may or may not have electricity back. If someone had told me four weeks ago that “Sandy” would cause such massive devastation to so many people, I would not haven taken them seriously until it happened. It would be Monday evening as the winds were gaining strength that we lost power and until we decided to... read more

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