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THINX Underwear Reduces Stigma about Menstruation

The word “menstruation” evokes various sentiments depending on who’s doing the talking and who’s doing the listening. For most women, the menstrual cycle consists of back pains, cramps and all-encompassing uncomfortability. Products ranging from tampons to pads try to alleviate the stress & pain that women go through to survive this monthly ordeal. Interestingly, the variety of... read more

For Indian Women, No Toilets, No Wedding

What happens when toilets become a bargaining tool for women engaged to be married? For so many women in India, having indoor latrines in their prospective husbands’ homes have spurred some action towards this issue. An ad campaign tackling sanitation is currently creating awareness all over India. The Total Sanitation Campaign is based on a real-life story of Anita Narre, who left her husband two... read more

Fee Charged to Women Who Need To Use The Restroom

Should anyone ever mandate one’s personal hygiene? Should any society dictate who can use public restrooms and who shouldn’t? If you had to pay to use the restroom because of your gender, what would you do? Believe it or not, in India, public restrooms can be used by both men and women, but the big difference is that women have to pay to use the facilities, but men don’t. There are public... read more

Women’s Room Etiquette – Is There Such A Thing?

So I know that restroom lines for women are always interminably long and most times, I am patient. But when the inconvenience extends to more than just lines, it gets annoying. I never understand how there are always lines to go to the women’s restroom, but never on the men’s restroom. What do women do in there? The stalls are too small to do anything else but your business, yet for some... read more