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Mom+Social = Awareness

Sunday was Mother’s Day and last Wednesday, May 8th, Moms from all over the world were heard in a forum that spoke about their causes through the use of social media. In an event titled “MomPlusSocial” held at 92nd Y Tribeca, it was a culmination of an initiative that began back in March by Arianna Huffington called the Global Mom Relay. The intent was to feature a Mom who has created or... read more

Chinese Parents Sue Children For Neglect

There’s a saying that I’ve heard from other friends who have children that goes, “Be nice to your children because they choose your future nursing home”. While I’ve tended to laugh when I hear that phrase, it’s not a laughing matter in China. A law is set to be passed in China starting July 1st that entitles any parent to sue their child if they feel the’ve been... read more

Moroccan Woman Loses Fight Against Rape

Rape should never be condoned nor thought of as acceptable by anyone, but happens when a rape victim is forced to marry her rapist to preserve the family honor? A Moroccan woman, Amina Filali, was a rape victim but what made matters worse was the consequence that resulted from it. She was forced to marry her rapist as a way for him to avoid prison. According to Moroccan penal law, Article 475, this law... read more

It Starts With Conversation

As a blogger, you hope that as you write about your opinions and ideas, there are people whom you can connect with and share common causes. When I heard that there was to be a Social Good Summit in NY to discuss how social media and technology could be used to help countries struggling to keep up with the digital world, I decided that I wanted to go and find out more about it. After doing some research and... read more

Defining An “Asian F” In My Family

if you haven’t heard of the term “Asian F”, let me give you the background. If you’re familiar with the show Glee, there’s a part during one of the episodes when one of the young men (an Asian) walks into Glee practice to inform his group that he could no longer be a part of the group. The reason? His father said he had to quit Glee club since he got a 99 on one of his... read more

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