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The Dress Code Dilemma

As different parts of the country began their school year this past week & the weather has maintained its summer climate, students have had to face an on-going battle when it comes to dress code. In a recent article from NPR, school administrators face daily battles with students who push the bounds of appropriate clothing and accessories. Every school has its own version of “appropriate”... read more

China’s Educational System Plans to Reduce Stress on Students

As schools around the country open their doors for another year of learning and students tackle homework from various teachers, changes may be in store for the children of China with regard to education. A new law is being proposed by China’s Minister of Education that would entail cutting back on homework for students attending primary schools. The educational system in China has been known for... read more

Understanding The Madness

For so many, today was filled with sadness and heartbreak as two of the twenty children from the Sandy Hook school shooting were laid to rest. Ever since I heard about the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut this past Friday, I’ve been experiencing so many emotions – running the gamut from numbness upon hearing it, to heartbreaking sadness and currently, anger. When the news first broke... read more

The Girl Who Stood Up Against The Taliban

I’ve had instances of being shocked by news reports heard over the radio, but none affected me as much as the one I heard on the radio while I was driving this past Tuesday. In the report, a 14 year old girl from Pakistan had been shot while on a school bus by the Taliban due to her outspokenness. Upon hearing of this, I was filled with shock, anger and disgust at the men who specifically targeted... read more

Back To School Shopping Angst

It’s that time of the year when you know that summer is ending. Circulars and coupons of back to school sales get crammed into my mailbox or bombarded in my email that I become anxious before I even look at the sales. I used to love shopping for school supplies and school clothes for my daughter when she was young. We would go to places like Children’s Place or Gymboree for clothes, then Target... read more

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