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Six-Year Old Handcuffed For Throwing Tantrum

What would you do if you got a call saying that your child has been suspended for throwing a tantrum? Sound strange? It gets better. The child in question is Salecia Johnson, a 6 year old kindergartner from Georgia who threw a tantrum, shoved some books off the shelves which hurt the principal. This was thought as just cause to call the police and place the child in handcuffs! Are these people serious??... read more

There Is Hope Beyond Obesity

How much would you be willing to do to help your child if concerns their health? There have been numerous programs that deal with adult obesity, but there have been few that deal with child/teen obesity, until Wellspring Academy. Wellspring Academy in Brevard, NC, is a boarding school designed to help obese kids lose weight while teaching them traditional academics. From the time these teens arrive and are... read more

Defining An “Asian F” In My Family

if you haven’t heard of the term “Asian F”, let me give you the background. If you’re familiar with the show Glee, there’s a part during one of the episodes when one of the young men (an Asian) walks into Glee practice to inform his group that he could no longer be a part of the group. The reason? His father said he had to quit Glee club since he got a 99 on one of his... read more

New School, New Perspectives

As Labor Day weekend comes to a close, I try not to panic as the thought of the upcoming school year looms quickly upon me. While my family and I had a great summer and we took family trips, some planned and one due to Hurricane Irene, I am excited and nervous about this school year. Most of my angst can be attributed to my daughter attending a new school. While I know that middle school is huge for most... read more

Are Gender Roles Necessary? Not In A Swedish Preschool

How important are gender roles? An interesting study about this issue was addressed at a Swedish preschool. Egalia, a preschool in Stockholm, Sweden, has raised some controversy over its policy of not addressing children as “boys” and “girls”. Children at Egalia are instructed to call each other “friends” instead of having designations such as “boys” or... read more

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