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Art Project in China Enable Disabled To Create Art via Brain Waves

Creating art is a physical and mental endeavor usually translated by using one’s eyes and hands. A new technology in China may push the boundaries of how art can be created and enable the disabled to create art. In China, where 83 million of the population are disabled, their presence has not made an impact on society. Now, that’s changing. Chinese artist Jody Xiong has launched a project... read more

The Doctor Can See You Now- Virtually

Seeing a doctor may be easier than it has been, especially when you’re sick and can’t get an appointment for weeks, until now. With the help of a new smartphone application called “Doctor On Demand”, patients can be treated by a doctor without having to leave their homes. Using this app, patients can fill in their medical information and questions on a form and get connected with... read more

The Social Impact of Amazon Prime Air Delivery Drones

Tis the season of holiday tidings and a huge part of the holiday season is the amount of packages that are delivered via UPS, Fedex or the post office. A week ago, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced a new method of delivering packages, via Drones. As I watched Bezos talk about this new system like it’s the next big thing since sliced bread, I had some nagging thoughts about this new venture. I... read more