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THINX Underwear Reduces Stigma about Menstruation

The word “menstruation” evokes various sentiments depending on who’s doing the talking and who’s doing the listening. For most women, the menstrual cycle consists of back pains, cramps and all-encompassing uncomfortability. Products ranging from tampons to pads try to alleviate the stress & pain that women go through to survive this monthly ordeal. Interestingly, the variety of... read more

The Dress Code Dilemma

As different parts of the country began their school year this past week & the weather has maintained its summer climate, students have had to face an on-going battle when it comes to dress code. In a recent article from NPR, school administrators face daily battles with students who push the bounds of appropriate clothing and accessories. Every school has its own version of “appropriate”... read more

Are Teens Still Drawn To Malls?

As summer winds down for most of the country, an interesting trend seems to be emerging: teens rarely hang out in malls. An article from NPR has cited two malls in Atlanta where teen presence is noticeably lacking. One may think that it could be economically driven, or something as challenging as reducing teen presence deliberately, but interestingly enough, it could also be due to technology and social... read more

Thinking of the 200+ Nigerian Girls on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, millions of families will be celebrating their mothers and I will not be exempt from it. As mothers are lauded on this day for all that they do selflessly, every hour of every day, I think of the 200+ Nigerian girls who are still missing. Since hearing of their kidnapping about two weeks ago, I have followed their story via Twitter and various publications. My initial reaction was... read more

Entrepreneurship as a Means of Survival In Myanmar

Entrepreneurship is a term that has been tossed around to signify economic growth in Western cultures, but in Myanmar, it has become a symbol of survival. In May 2008, Myanmar was struck by Nargis, a cyclone that affected much of the country, changing its economic landscape. The devastation forced people, especially women, to find work in order to provide for their families. For Cathy Win, a young... read more

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